*Team Brain

  • Creating “THE NURSES WALL” – a grateful public’s virtual gift to the world’s frontline hero
  • nurses and memorializing the 1,700+ nurses who died treating Covid-19 patients.

Hi, I’m Dana Wong, and I’m inviting you to join my TEAM BRAIN Challenge Team!

The last year has been arduous for healthcare staff, especially those nurses directly at the bedside.

While hospital COVID numbers have decreased, the fight against COVID lingers.

We’ve lost co-workers to burn-out and struggle with ongoing challenges to our own mental and physical strength. The world shared their appreciation of nurses during the height of the pandemic that brought us to tears and motivated us to persevere.

We have the opportunity to keep the support and encouragement going.

Please join me in expressing your thanks as we honor nurses worldwide by writing your nurse-honoring message on  THE NURSES WALL. 

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