*Team Bob for Mental Health

  • Creating “THE NURSES WALL” – a grateful public’s virtual gift to the world’s frontline hero
  • nurses and memorializing the 1,700+ nurses who died treating Covid-19 patients.
Team Bob for Mental Health

Hi, Bob Bencangey, and I’m inviting you to join my TEAM BOB for MENTAL HEALTH Challenge Team!

I’m inviting mental health nurses, their husbands, wives, parents, children, friends, neighbors, and on and on to write an uplifting message on THE NURSES WALL.

Without these valiant professionals, our patients and their families suffer, and lives are changed in ways no one can imagine.

Those who suffer with mental disorders may look well on the outside, but their suffering is often invisible; additionally, they suffer from stigmatizing by the public.

Bless these professionals by joining my Team Bob for Mental Health to support them with a message of appreciation.

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