• Creating “THE NURSES WALL” – a grateful public’s virtual gift to the world’s 20+ million frontline hero
  • nurses and memorializing the 3,000+ nurses who died fighting Covid-19.

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The World Health Organization designated 2020 to be celebrated as the Year of the Nurse.  Covid-19 stole that celebration, and the pandemic mutations kept it hostage.  Operation Scrubs’ 2022 mission is to take it back.

The take-back weapon is THE NURSES WALL.  Its creator is acclaimed nurse Pamela Jane Nye, Operation Scrubs Founder/CEO, and Executive Director.

Operation Scrubs/2022 is a historic recruiting mission to globally unite and invite people to help complete THE NURSES WALL — a permanent, virtual gift built with nurse-appreciative “thank you” messages postings beginning National Nurses Week (May 6-12-2022) by social media contacts, co-workers,  neighbors, friends,  family, and general public participants.

Phase two of this nursing-honoring mission begins May 13 with the December 31, New Year’s Eve being missions completion, and THE NURSES WALL delivery date.

Operation Scrubs and THE NURSES WALL’s purpose is to infinitely honor the world’s 20+ million unsung “hero” nurses and memorialize the 3,000+ nurses’ lives taken battling Covid-19 and its mutations.

THE NURSES WALL is a place where nurses (and their admiring public) can visit 24/7,  and be reminded, calmed, encouraged, inspired, motivated, and reminded of their importance by the world’s appreciative acknowledgment.  They’ll also be able to see from whom and where these message-posting people reside.

  • There is no cost to have or join a Challenge Team, post a nurse-thanking message, or visit THE NURSES WALL, and it takes very little to participate.  What’s not to like about saying “thank you” to a nurse?  Seriously!

Q: WHAT’S THE NURSES WALL LOOK LIKE?  Images of THE NURSES WALL can be viewed at https://thenurseswall.orghttps://thankanurseteamchallenge.org, or https://opertionscrubs.org.

Q: COST TO POST A NURSE-HONORING MESSAGE:  $O cost — and just a few minutes of “thank you” message-posting time!  So please do it.  Now!

Q: REGISTRATION:  Registration and the nurse-honoring message posting begins at noon on May 6, 2021/PST-USA time.  Achieving the mission’s nurse-thanking 1-Billion+ posting objective would be nice by May 12 at noon/PST-USA time.  Regardless,  THE NURSES WALL mission will continue throughout Operation Scrubs’ “2022/Year of the Nurse” designation, ending at midnight on December 31, 2022.

Q: BECOME A CHALLENGE TEAM;  If your name or category is listed on the Challenge Invitations page, or if you have a large, verifiable social media following, call Chuck Foster 800.672.7156 Ext 802, or send an email to chuckfoster@operationscrubs.org.  In the website message box, put “Team Set-Up.”

Q: JOIN A CHALLENGE TEAM – OR NOT:  To join nurse Pamela Jane Nye’s “Team Pam” or any Challenge Team, the website address is https://thenurseswall.org.  Then click and follow the simple registration directions.  If you want to leave a message, that’s okay.  Use the drop-down menu and select  *Team: Just me on the registration page.

Q: WHAT HAPPENS WHEN I JOIN A CHALLENGE TEAM?  When you complete the registration form, it automatically posts the Challenge Team’s name, your name, city/town, state and country, and your nurse-thanking message on  THE NURSES WALL.   Should message postings be permitted before May 6, they will be confirmed by email but not appear online until the mission’s official May 6, 2021/12:00 pm/PST-USA launch date. *Note:  Email addresses are not sold.  However, they’re needed to discourage inappropriate messages and prevent multiple or robotic message postings.

Q: ARE TEAMS,  OPERATION SCRUBS, INC., or THANK A NURSE TEAM CHALLENGE STAFF COMPENSATED?  No! Board of Directors, management, education, and operations staff are all volunteers.

Q: IS THIS A FUNDRAISER?  No!  It’s a global “thank you” nurse-appreciation recruiting mission.

Q: DOES OPERATION SCRUBS INC. ACCEPT DONATIONS?  IF YES, WHERE DOES THE MONEY GO?  Yes, donations are accepted!  Operation Scrubs, Inc. (OSi) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit and tax-exempt charitable and nurse-managed organization.  OSi was created to provide a positive nurse image advocating and tuition-free accredited continuing nurse education organization. In partnership with the American Heart/Stroke Association, OSi also provides advanced nursing education scholarships for working hospital nurses.  See https://operationscrubs.org

Q:  IF OPERATION SCRUBS. INC. or THANK A NURSE TEAM CHALLENGE ACCEPTS A DONATION, WHERE DOES THE MONEY GO?  Because administrative and support staff are all volunteers, 100% of audited individual and business contributions go towards mission-related expenses. In addition, designated grants and surplus funding provide advanced nursing education scholarships for working nurses with revenue held and disbursed in joint partnership with the American Heart Association/America’s Stroke Association and Pamela Jane Nye Nurse Scholarship Donor Advised Fund.

  • Operation Scrubs® is a registered, protected trademark.  Use of the name or logo without Operation Scrubs Inc.’s written permission is prohibited.
Operation Scrubs, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit/tax-exempt organization EIN # 84-2089186